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Keep the earth away from pollution and let the green come into you and me", GRI Technology is a medical company, a high-tech enterprise, founded in 2000, the company has successively won the "Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute" and "Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation" With the rapid development of the R&D center, 62 patents have been granted so far, and the company has a CNAS accreditation certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. The company has strong production and research and development capabilities, and has established a 100,000-level purification In the workshop, medical technology was successfully extended to the civilian field, and the "AiLixing" brand was created to mass-produce natural and biodegradable disposable products. "AiLixing" strictly controls the environmental protection indicators of raw materials in terms of materials, and selects medical-grade materials to ensure High texture, high weight, high quality; always follow the principle of "no additives, no fluorescent agent, no pollution, no printing and dyeing" in the production process; in terms of quality, strictly control product quality in accordance with the high standards of medical products; in service AiLixing has always served with "heart", wholeheartedly for you, wholeheartedly for him!


Shiyuan Technology (Wuhu) new materials Co., Ltd. Vietnam coastal defense company established


Shiyuan Technology (Jiaxing) Medical Co., Ltd. established


Jiaxing Aixin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. established


Vietnam Haiyang company established


Zhejiang Aixin polymer material Co., Ltd. established


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With the improvement of our human quality of life, we often enjoy our life and inadvertently destroy our environment, such as the garbage generated by our life and the garbage generated by the enterprise industry, which erodes our environment day by day. In the current situation of garbage classification, green environmental protection, low-carbon life and benefit human beings, world science and Technology (Jiaxing) Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. has emerged a group of excellent technology research and development teams. They have been developing new products for the sake of sustainable environmental protection, shoulder lofty mission and great social responsibility, and have developed brand products of "alixing" which are totally natural degradation for social human beings. They are disposable face wash towel, sterilized disposable towel, bath towel, sterilized disposable underwear Disposable oil fume machine wipe towel, disposable kitchen towel, etc., all are disposable use and throw, and natural degradation, from the root to reduce the impact of waste pollution on the environment.

"Alice star" products can be completely degraded after use, and the generation of garbage can be completely eliminated, so as to further promote the cause of environmental protection and open up a new path for the construction of a beautiful planet. Environmental protection and responsibility of all people require each of us to be a loyal protector of green and environmental protection, loyal builders and loyal beneficiaries. On the road of ecological civilization, although it is a long way to go, Alison will carry on the baton of building a better environment one by one, and continue to do a good job in this great historical change cause!

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