Experimental equipment

Constant temperature and humidity aging room
brand:Kunshan ferry
introduce:Room walk-in constant temperature and humidity aging room is suitable for low temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature change, constant time heat, high and low temperature alternating damp heat test, etc. The test center is used for accelerated aging test。Reference standard:ASTM F1980-2016

Three coordinate analyzer
brandQingdao Leiden
model:Mirack Nc564
introduceCoordinate analyzer is a kind of instrument which can show the measurement ability of geometry, length and circumference in the space of a hexahedron. Its functions include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy. The testing center is used to measure the precise size of products.

Gas chromatograph
brand:Shimadzu (imported from Japan)
introduce:Gas chromatograph is a kind of instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of multicomponent complex mixture by using chromatographic separation technology and detection technology. The testing center is used to test the residual amount of ethylene oxide and epichlorohydrin in sterilized products

Fabric hydrostatic pressure analyzer
brand:Hyaro Tester(imported from USA)
introduceIt can also be used to measure the hydrostatic pressure resistance of other coating materials.

Reference standard:AATCC 127-2014

Scientific research achievements

R & D team

Fang haisu

title:senior engineer
Industry experience:38 year
IntroductionLong term engaged in the research and development of protective clothing materials, and achieved many achievements. He has presided over or is participating in more than ten R & D projects, and has obtained 23 authorized patents, including 8 invention patents and 8 patents in the actual examination stage. More than 6 products are put into mass production, representing the products such as polyvinyl alcohol two-layer composite protective clothing, high moisture permeability biodegradation protective clothing, molten metal droplet splash protection, etc., and some of them are in the advanced level at home and abroad.

work experience:The research and development of series products of Shiyuan medical.

PU jianhua

title:senior engineer
education:Master's degree 

Industry experience:45 year
IntroductionFocus on textile polymer materials, non-woven fabrics and medical composite materials, mechanical and electrical automation, robot applications and other fields. Especially in polymer materials In addition, there are dozens of related invention patents. Representative products: automatic mop machine, automatic surgical cover folding machine, automatic needle box production line, a new mesh cloth machine, etc

work experience:He used to be the deputy director of Hubei Textile Industry Research Institute, and now is the chief engineer of the company.

Ma hui

title:Intermediate Engineer
Industry experience:15 year
IntroductionWith more than 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, mainly focusing on the validation of sterilization process of medical devices and the control of sterilization process in daily production, familiar with relevant standards and test requirements, including ethylene oxide sterilization, irradiation sterilization and moist heat sterilization.

education: Master's degree in Inorganic Chemistry Henan Normal University

Sheng chen

title:Intermediate Engineer
Industry experience:13 year
IntroductionManager of global product management department of the company. Mainly responsible for the company's product management, specialized in medical device product market research, product design, master all kinds of medical device product application. Materials and manufacturing technology of Shuan medical products.

education:Master Degree Applied Chemistry China University of mining and technology

Everyone is responsible for environmental protection. We need each and every one of us to be a loyal protector, builder and beneficiary of green environmental protection. On the road of ecological civilization, we have a long way to go








The principle of natural degradation is always followed and the tenet of safety, health, comfort and environmental protection is closely followed

It is only the product itself, without the support of company background; the material is lack of environmental protection; it is not suitable for all people; it is not medical grade material

Has a strong R & D team and many years of industry experience. In terms of technology, with more than 20 years of medical product R & D experience, we have successfully developed alixing products

Natural degradation, green and safe; selected with high-quality medical grade materials, completely free of whitening agent, wet strength agent and other additives, will not produce chemical irritation to the skin

Following the concept of medical company, increasing thickening and weight reduction, making products and services conscientiously, alixing will enter thousands of households with "heart"! High texture, high weight and high quality

There is no additive, no printing and dyeing, no fluorescent agent in the production process; clean workshop production, physical processing, simplified process, less manual contact, more clean and hygienic

With years of industry management and technology precipitation experience, it has been at a high level in technology innovation, green production, quality control, management level and so on

Practice environmental protection: the products are completely degraded after use, and meet all the requirements of environmental protection. Allistar will always strive to "benefit mankind"

Only the product itself, no company background support;

The results show that the material selection is single; the material is lack of environmental protection; it is not suitable for all groups of people; non-medical materials;

Low gram weight, easy to shed flocs, easy to fuzz, easy to tear, general water absorption

The production environment does not meet the clean standard; the product needs to be opened and cleaned before it can be used without physical sterilization, which increases the risk of pollution;

Lack of industry experience, imperfect talent construction, and lack of professional knowledge;

It can't be completely degraded; it causes the burden of garbage; it has an impact on the environment;

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